Ambassador Charles Jose delivers the welcome remarks before the retooling seminar.

26 March 2018—In line with strengthening the Philippine Embassy in Kuala Lumpur’s consular services and equipping its officers and staff with the latest information and directives from Manila, it conducted a retooling seminar on civil registry at the Embassy’s conference room on March 21.

In his remarks, Ambassador Charles Jose lauded the capacity building efforts of the Embassy’s consular section and hoped that the training will enhance its personnel’s capability to serve the needs of its clientele. 

Attaché Iris Vrenelli Felizmarie Marcelo of the Embassy’s Civil Registry Unit led the discussions on the different civil registry documents being issued, such as the Reports of Birth, Marriage and Death, as well as updates and directives on the issuance of Reports of Birth for children whose parents are not married, but are recognized by their fathers. 

She also discussed corrections of clerical errors in civil documents, which can be directly addressed by the Consulate General.

As part of its consular functions, Philippine foreign service posts facilitates the registration of vital events and issuance of civil documents to Filipino nationals under its jurisdiction.  The Reports of Birth, Marriage and Death are forwarded by the Embassy to the Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA) for recording and registration.   END

Attache Iris Vrenelli Felizmarie Marcelo leads the discussion on the retooling seminar on civil registry.