Special Mission 1          

In view of the Regularization Program for undocumented workers and their families working in plantation and agriculture sectors in Sabah, the Philippine Embassy in Kuala Lumpur immediately conducted a series of special consular missions in various plantations in Sabah.

In cooperation with the Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA), the Embassy has thus far deployed four (4) teams consisting of Embassy officials and staff and PSA registration officers to conduct on-site civil registration and passport processing.                                                 

Special Mission 2

The first two teams were deployed to Lahad Datu on 07-18 June and 02-13 July, respectively. The third team was deployed to Sandakan on 31 July-11 August and the fourth team was deployed to Tawau on 15-23 August 2019.


Based on the consolidated data from Embassy personnel and PSA representatives, the teams processed 7,159 passport applications and 1,353 notarial requests. The civil registration officers also registered 4,395 applicants who were born in the Philippines and 1,349 applicants who were born in Sabah. Thus, the Embassy has rendered a total of 14,256 services for its special consular mission in various plantation areas in Sabah.


During the Coordination Meeting between the Philippine Embassy and the Philippine Statistics Authority, Ambassador Charles C. Jose emphasized the importance of these special consular missions to thousands of undocumented Filipinos in Sabah. 


“Undocumented Filipinos in Sabah are in an uncertain situation and we are hopeful that our initiatives in giving them birth documents and passports will provide them not just a secure work environment but also guarantee them fair and equitable wages to eventually transform their lives for the better,” Ambassador Jose said.


Another series of special consular missions are now being worked out to accommodate more Filipino workers and their families. END