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31 August 2012 - The Philippine Embassy in Kuala Lumpur reported that it hosted a Hari Raya dinner for the Filipino-Muslim community in Malaysia on August 30 at the Embassy's Vista Community Hall.

Present during the event were around 30 leaders and members of the Filipino-Muslim community based in Kuala Lumpur and nearby areas, Embassy officers and staff and other guests.

In his speech, Philippine Ambassador to Malaysia J. Eduardo Malaya cited the efforts done by the Embassy to highlight the country's Filipino-Muslim heritage.

"Giving a special prominence to our Filipino-Muslim heritage is a priority thrust of this Embassy, and it is manifested right in this community hall with the posting of Maranao malong okir fabrics, courtesy of the National Commission on Muslim Filipinos," he said.

Ambassador Malaya also mentioned the Embassy's other initiatives, such as the promotion of halal food and halal tourism in the Philippines, and the planned art exhibit featuring artists from Muslim Mindanao as a focal activity for the Embassy's celebration of Philippine Independence Day next year.

"I believe that the spirit of Ramadan and the fasting that is observed for one month will continually revitalize each one of us, Muslims and believers of other faiths, with a renewed mind, heart and spirit," he said.

Some of the Filipino-Muslim leaders present during the event were Ustadz Kiraman Macabanding, Ustadz Hamza Balt, Ustadz Faisal Bacarat, Islamic International University Malaysia professor Jamel Cayamodin and scholar Cariodenidam Solaiman Lao, among others.

The event also featured a musical program, as newly-arrived Embassy First Secretary and Consul Maria Antonina Mendoza-Oblena regaled the crowd with a rendition of the lullaby "Katurog na Nonoy" on the piano.

The yearly Hari Raya dinner was started by then Ambassador to Malaysia Victoriano Lecaros two years ago, and was continued by the Embassy as a way to reach out to the Filipino-Muslim community in Malaysia.

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