Phl Embassy in KLs Consular Service Area Gets an Upgrade

13 September 2012 – The Philippine Embassy in Kuala Lumpur's consular clients can now transact their business in relative comfort as its consular service area receives an upgrade, in line with the Embassy's facilities renovation program.

"What used to be an open space area is now enclosed, with four air-conditioners cooling the area, and allowing our consular clients to avoid the heat as they go about their transactions at the Embassy. This is an upgrade of the waiting area, which also features free wi-fi connection and a flat-screen television to entertain the clients," Ambassador J. Eduardo Malaya said.

The new consular waiting area was opened to the public last September 7, and is the final phase of the renovation program which started early this year. The renovation of the main building was completed in time for the Philippine Independence Day community commemoration activities last June.

The renovation has been well received by the Filipino community. When the photos of the newly-renovated consular waiting area were uploaded on the Embassy's official Facebook page, community members posted comments such as "wow, the Embassy looks nice", "this is good news for those transacting business at the Embassy", and "congratulations on the job well done."

Ambassador Malaya spearheaded the consular service area program, with Labor Attache Dr. Alicia Santos and Administrative Officer Faith Planas-Bautista. Architect Bart Vista and associates, who also drew and supervised the Embassy renovation, did the architectural plan for the consular waiting area. 

Phl Embassy in KLs Consular Service Area Gets an Upgrade1